We place at your service the services of our Unit for the Verification of your service stations in the verification and review of measurement instruments for the dispatch of gasoline and other combustible fuels, the verification service, the realization of an agreement of our procedure of verification, Based on the norm NOM-005-SCFI-2011 and with approval by the general direction of standards and we have accreditation before the state of UVIM-045.

The verification can be:

Initial: it is the occasion and the time of its use for commercial transactions or to determine the price of a good or a service, it must be the respect of the operating properties and the use of the measuring instruments, to determine the operation of compliance with the characteristics of the hermeticity to be able to carry out such verification.

Periodic: it is once that once the initial validity is completed, it must be done in the time intervals determined by the secretariat, the respect of the operating properties and the use of measuring instruments to determine if the function is fulfilled of the metrological characteristics The official Mexican norms and the Mexican norms in force, the authorized time until now is from January to May, being able to change when the authorities decide.

Extraordinary: the performance properties are respected and the use of measuring instruments is used to determine and operate with the same characteristics. Condition of verified instruments or when the competent authority is determined.

You can also take into account the needs that arise in their dispensaries.

We guarantee that the personnel of the verification unit is perfectly capable of working on the verification procedure and the safety conditions of the gas station.

To request the verification service, as well as everything related to costs. You can contact the following Form and as soon as possible they will contact you.

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Our highly trained team carries out the verification following the letter of the letter, the established procedures and their high experience.